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Wedding photo of couple on beach with dramatic sky

wedding photo of couple walking on beach with dramatic sky



Artistic wedding photographer

If you would like your wedding photography to be creative, fun, dramatic, as well as unobtrusive, then we can achieve your goal. This is your special day, make sure your wedding photographer understands and has the skills to achieve your vision.

We have been doing wedding photography for over 20 years and when things go wrong a photographer with experience can get things back on track.

As a wedding photographer I always strive to capture honest moments, spontaneous times and authentic emotions, so the key elements of your special day will be visually recorded for you to enjoy in the future.

Capturing photos that will bring back the best memories from your special day is something we have always strive for. Whether it be with the most modern lighting techniques, unique background or a beautiful soft focus background. It is always our priority above all else to give you photos that you are beyond pleased with.

I believe the best way of providing a great wedding day experience of visual storytelling is to connect with couples. On the wedding day, we do our utmost to ensure it is the most relaxing, fun, and exciting day of your life.

Exposures wedding photography

As an experienced wedding photographer, in addition to observing and capturing moments, I also try to make special, photographic fun moments. I strive to take photos of the wedding that will bring a smile years after that special day.

We believe in an organic approach to your wedding photography by fusing a modern style of photojournalism with a classic posed style of portraiture, providing you with wonderful mix of artistic timeless memories.

As this day will only happen once, don’t let just any wedding photographer take your photos. If you don’t get a good feeling or can’t easily communicate with them, it’s best not to take the risk.

We take great pride in being a part of your wedding and are as respectful as possible.


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