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Sample of Canadian passport photo

We take Professional passport photos are ready in 5 minutes with proper lighting and printed with the correct color- no appointment is necessary.

Canadian Passport photos

US Passport Photos

Citizenship photos

Information regarding size and details for passport photos, visa photos, and Immigration photos, we have a detailed list of specifications for photos from all over the World.

Canadian Citizenship photos

We take quality document photos for all countries whether it be passport photos, visa photos, work permit photos, and any other photo sizes and requirements.

Canadian permanent resident photosCanadian Permanent residence photo of women in Toronto

When applying for Canadian Permanent Residency with printed photos, The specifications for Canadian Permanent Resident photos are as follows:

Size: The photos must be 50mm x 70mm, and must be between 31mm to 36mm.

Quantity: Two identical photos are required with each application.

Quality: High-resolution, clear, with no shine or shadows on the face and in color. Printed on photo-quality paper.

Background: The background should be white without any shadows

Face expression: should be neutral, with the mouth closed and eyes open. The face should be centered and directly facing the camera.

Head Position: The head should be straight and not tilted. No obstructions such as hair covering the eyes or face.

Attire: No hats or other head coverings are allowed unless it is for religious reasons. In such cases, ensure that the face remains visible.

Headgear: Religious headgear is allowed as long as it does not obscure any facial features.

Glasses: If you wear glasses, ensure there is no glare on the lenses, and your eyes are visible. Ask us about special lighting for glasses.


How much do passport photos cost? 

Our fee for passport photos:

  • $21.99 +hst for 2 copies and $31.99 +hst for 4 copies (from 1 image)
  • $22.99 +hst for electronic copy ($32.99 +hst for electronic + 2 printed copies)
  • $30.99 +hst for baby photos
  • specialty passport photos are extra, please call for pricing

All our photos are taken digitally while you wait! We take 3-4 photos for you to choose from. You choose the best one. We convert the photo to the size you require and print them in about 5 minutes.

Don’t let our speed give you the impression that our quality is anything but the highest. We use professional SLR and use very precise software to make sure the photos are done right the first time.

We also offer you the option to have your photos saved on our computer free of charge for 6 months. If you choose to have them saved and need future printing the cost is only $8.00 for each photo.

Electronic passport photos are also available for $12.00 each from photos saved on our files (of previous taken photos), which we can e-mail to you, or we can put them on your flash drive.

All our photos are guaranteed.

two girls, one as a sample of Canadian passport photo and the other as a Us Passport photo

Studio passport photos

For those who want soft lighting and the best quality, these are taken in our portrait studio, 20-25 photos are taken,  you pick the best one, and we print 4 identical copies. Please call ahead to book an appointment and for pricing.

Where to get newborn passport photos done?

You have come to the right place. We understand these can be challenging, and we have years of experience getting successful baby photos through a quick and efficient process.

We provide the highest quality photos for every country whether it be for a visa, immigration photos, or work permit photos. With 22 years of experience, you can be confident that your photos will be taken correctly. But feel free to bring in the dimensions for the photos you require if they are not a standard passport or visa photo, as specifications are always changing. We will also be happy to go online and look up any new or unique sizes you may require.

For those wanting to check the specifications for Canadian passport photos, here is the link to the government website:

Cheap passport photos! They may not always be the best for quality and may not be accurate, especially when done in convenience stores or pharmacies. No one wants to have their photos rejected and have to retake their passport photos because they were done incorrectly or look bad. We believe our prices, quality, and experience are excellent. Being a portrait studio, we have an eye for getting the correct angles and proper lighting setup.

Greek Passport Photos
Need a Greek passport photo? We know all the requirements and specifications, as they can be easily rejected. So if you want your Greek passport photos done right, we guarantee them, and we can have them ready in 5 minutes. We are located just blocks from the Greek consulate in Toronto.
Chinese Passport Photos:

 Requires 2 printed photos on photographic paper or an electronic photo to apply for a visa to China.  Applicants must submit a recently-taken color passport photo (full face and no headgear) against a white background  Check more details in the following guide to ensure you get the correct photo taken.

     Chinese Passport Photo specification

China Visa Application Photo

                                                                                           China Visa Photo (Sample from Chinese Embassy and Consulate General)

Basic Requirements

1. Color: a color (RGB 24bit true color) photo, any black and white photo is not accepted.

2. Background: can only use white and off-white background

3. Size: 33mm×48mm for paper photo.

4. Date: recent photo taken in last 6 months.

5. Quality: a clear-cut photo in high resolution, without any damage, stain, fold creases, and no shadows over the face or in the background.

6. Format: photos must be JPEG images, within the size of 40 KB – 120 KB.

7. Others: the photos should present the front view of applicants, and show the full facial features clearly and completely. The head should be horizontally centered with a certain distance to the upper and bottom edge.

Chinese Visa Photo Size

The China Visa Application Photo has specific size requirements  A Chinese passport photo (33mm×48mm) is the only acceptable size.

● Digital Photo: the electronic photo should meet the requirements of horizontal pixels: 354 – 420 pixels and vertical pixels: 472 – 560 pixels.

● Paper Photo: the printed photo should be 33mm×48mm (width × height)/about 1.3×1.9 inches, head width is 15mm-22mm, height (chin to the top of head) is 28mm-33mm, head to the upper edge is between 3mm-5mm.

Restrictions & Prohibitions of China Visa Application Photo

1. Selfies and photos used with filters, blurred pictures, and over-exposed or under-exposed photos are not accepted.

2. Eyeglasses are acceptable if only they clearly show the eyes, and have no reflection (we don’t recommend wearing glasses)

3. Make your face square to the camera, and keep a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed, no frowning or smiling.

4. Wear clothes in dark colors, to clearly distinguish you from the white background. Do not wear white, or light-colored clothing.

5. Jewelry, accessories, headphones, and similar devices are not allowed.

6. Normal applicants can not wear hats, head coverings, and masks. For some religious or medical custom, applicants are allowed to wear those, but their facial features must be visible without any shadows.

Hong Kong Visa Photo should be between 50mm×40mm and 55mm×45mm.

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