Model Portfolio

Where to get a good model portfolio? At Exposures photography of course, We have over twenty years experience, yes we started shooting with film.

At Exposures we pride ourselves on creating inspiring portraits with a little something extra. This is a model shoot we did for Lily. She is fantastic to work with and we always get great photos when we work together.

Model portfolio portrait of women with dark hair against black background

We used a lot of black (open space) on purpose to draw your eyes across the frame, just a personal aesthetic. Mainly because of the way her hair hangs into the frame and also the roundness of back leading to the center of the photo.

When taking a model portfolio you want to bring out the dramatic lighting and really highlight the models features. You can have normal business portrait type lighting.

model profolio of girl with long black hair with grey background

Model portfolio headshot of women looking away very brightly light

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