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Corporate Headshots

Looking for the best headshot photographer? Headshots and portrait photography have been my specialty for over 20 years. I like to use many different photography styles to achieve your desired look. We focus on taking headshots that represent your personality in addition to looking professional. Let me make your next portrait the best you have ever had.

My passion and hunger for new techniques as well as improved artistry are stronger than ever. I will use that passion to ensure you always get great photos.

Our portrait and headshot studio is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto, in addition to being steps from the Wellesley subway station.

We offer retouching service with most of our portrait packages, below is a comparison sample of our before and after shots.

Professional Headshots

Actor headshots and model headshots have always been an industry standard, and they are more important than ever. We make sure your headshots represent you. Make sure you look artistic, confident, or professional. A good headshot should show your personality and also have interesting lighting, causing you to stand out.

Professional business photos

To ensure the best image quality we use the latest equipment as well as software. We are constantly trying the latest lighting techniques to make sure our portraits are cutting-edge. Using various editing methods on our touch-ups guarantees you get your desired look.

Many portrait photographers don’t do their own editing, however, we do all our editing in-house using various editing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom in addition to many others. We are very experienced (over 12 years) at using Photoshop and also use it on a daily basis.

To view our most recent work, we regularly posted on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/exposures_photography

Having been a headshot photographer for several years, I constantly work with professionals and executives throughout the Metro Toronto area to aid them in building their personal brand.
With the recent popularity of LinkedIn as well as company website photos, many people are beginning to understand the importance of having a professional headshot, so be sure your professional headshots are done right.  Back to Home page: http://www.torontophotographerz.com/

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